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Production process

To ensure providing the best products to meet customer requirements, we follow one strict production processes, including the following stages:

Phase 1: Preparation of production

After receiving samples, production planning department, to check materials for matching samples, put supplies comes as the axis, ink, cardboard boxes, ... Then Up plan production to meet the requirements of the customer.


Phase 2: Perform production

The implementation phase of production is the most important stage to create one product ensures good quality and true love customer needs. For a product that is beautiful, tough, uniform in thickness, the blow is the most important stages.

Products are supervisors check on the thickness, the dispersion uniformity, accurate color, adhesion ... and statistical test results fully. After blowing finished products meet the requirements will be given automatic folding cutting systems. Dimensions length, width, thickness, sugar paste, fold line, are checked carefully, and meticulously tweaked to products that meet customer requirements stand. After

the cut than satisfactory, packing department will pack the product according to the process and product standards as packaging to ensure prints, color, serration pretty correct carton materials, print nice, not dirty, not torn, broken, and it is important that the press codes on packaging, and cardboard boxes must be complete and clear to be able to classify products, both production and production workers when needed .


Stage 3: After production

After the finished product box, we have 1 QC department to check the quality of products, usually we check 30%, but in the specific case, we can check to 50% or 70%, to ensure that products meet quality standards require. Before the goods are transported to warehouses, stitching weight balance and dare to stamp each product box

be done. Each box is set up the electronic weighing system, automatic stamp printed on computer software, to ensure that each box shipments, the weight must be within the permitted range of customers. After all stages of product quality inspection, quality boxes, will be transferred to the warehouse, carefully shielding awaiting shipment.


Stage 4: Exports of goods

Before you put up cardboard box container, container floor will be clean, and cover the lining membrane to ensure no staining the carton box. Each carton boxes being loaded onto the container, must be Sun queue check for torn or crushed, dirty or not, and must have the stamp check product quality, after queuing is complete, if the container is not fills the restaurant, the affordable 1 grilles are necessary to ensure that, when the customer received the goods, the bellows will not be dropped, because the transport process.

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